Welcome to episode 148 of Magic Markets, made available to you by our friends at B2IT. This week, we cast our eyes beyond our local borders to bring you insights from two heavy hitters in the international market: Netflix and Tesla.

These household names are making major moves and stirring up emotions as a result, with Tesla hyping up the Cybertruck while Netflix is all about ad-supported tiers. Beyond these points, we also discussed the following questions:

  • Ghost is bearish on Tesla but trying his best to stay objective. Will the fact that the company is still free cash flow positive sway him, or are the holes in the gross margin story too big to be overlooked?
  • Netflix has seen strong subscriber growth, resulting in free cash flow up at $6.6 billion. Is this enough to tempt Moe to get back in?
  • There’s a lot of potential market share out there for Tesla to win. But is the Cybertruck the way to win it?
  • Netflix has finally played the price increase card, and the market is loving it. But are password-sharing users actually converting?

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