In episode 152 of Magic Markets, we’ve lined up a battle of the retail giants – Target vs. Walmart. Although we haven’t covered the former yet in Magic Markets Premium, we’ve covered Walmart and some of its largest competitors, like Costco.

Here’s just a taste of what was discussed:

  • Ghost kicks us off with a very helpful lesson on why we should look at constant currency numbers when discussing businesses with an international footprint, such as Walmart. Hint: forex volatility will really skew your outlook on how a business is actually performing.
  • Target has raised its midpoint for its full-year guidance by 9%, The growth story is looking good – particularly for a retailer – and Moe is ready to unpack not only the reasons behind the growth, but the trends behind certain product categories.
  • Just how sticky is inflation, really? There’s some narrative from Walmart that suggests that relief could be on the horizon.
  • When asked which of these two retailers they would buy, Moe and Ghost chose names like Costco and TJX. Technically that’s cheating, but they might just get away with it because they’ve given good reasons for their choices.

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