In the final Magic Markets episode for 2023, hosts Mohammed Nalla and The Finance Ghost covered two global technology companies that sit adjacent to some of the more talked about names.

Moe covered Oracle, giving an overview of the business (as many are familiar with the name but not the products) and details on their acquisition of Cerner during the pandemic to push into the healthcare market. He also looked at Oracle’s latest financial performance and the disappointing guidance given to the market. This leads into a discussion on why the share price has underperformed tech peers.

Ghost covered Adobe, starting with the exceptional share price volatility over the pandemic. The pressure to grow is driving a desire for acquisitions, but regulators are making that difficult and the major deal to acquire Figma has collapsed. Thankfully, the core business is doing exceptionally well and they’ve just capped off a record period for revenue – a big deal when you remember that their revenue is mainly recurring in nature. And although Adobe’s share price has done well, there are some areas where analysts picked on concerns in the growth story.

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