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From shoes to cars – this week, we tackle Tesla and Volkswagen. After some important debate on whether Tesla makes ugly cars or not, we got serious about the financial performance.

In the interests of a more balanced view, Tesla-permabear The Finance Ghost stayed away from that company and let Mohammed Nalla cover the Cult of Musk. After running through the technicals on the share price and particularly the recent pressure, Moe worked through the revenue and production stats, as well as a summary of the best performers in this sector.

In Volkswagen, our resident ghost explained that the EV theme is still coming through strongly in this company, which is a good and a bad thing. One of the most interesting elements of the Volkswagen story is the different operating margins across the various brands. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they make far more margin at Porsche than in Volkswagen. That hasn’t helped the post-IPO performance of Porsche, which has suffered badly from high expectations in the market.

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