Accenture and FactSet are great examples of US-listed companies that service a global client base. In the case of Accenture in particular, that client base is immense. FactSet is far more focused, with a product that will be familiar to those working in financial markets.

Both companies have had a disappointing start to the year, falling victim to a market slowdown. Having covered these groups before in Magic Markets Premium, we felt that a relook based on latest numbers was appropriate.

The Finance Ghost dealt with Accenture, a core long in his portfolio. With a strategy built around both organic and inorganic growth, the company is using a dip in client demand as a good time to ramp up bolt-on acquisitions in the market. This is building a stronger group for the next upswing.

Mohammed Nalla covered FactSet, where the group has been transitioning towards annual subscriptions. There’s some concerning growth guidance there, although margins have at least been sustained for now. And of course, there are AI-related initiatives underway as well!

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