Alternative assets have been a key discussion point for us this year, as a means to diversify the portfolio as well as hedge against listed assets through achieving uncorrelated exposure.

We’ve had a fantastic time learning about the various alternative asset strategies with Westbrooke. We’ve welcomed the team over several episodes since the first appearance on Episode 59.

We’ve covered a great deal of ground since that show, so we thought it would be useful to our listeners to take a more holistic view and wrap this into a recap of some concepts while probing developments in the market so far this year.

In this episode, we ask Dino Zuccollo to reflect on whether demand for alternative assets this year has been in line with expectations. We also talk about trends like local vs. offshore allocations in this space.

With reference to the eight previous shows, we recap elements of the alternative asset strategy. Of course, we couldn’t resist discussing our favourite Westbrooke shows thus far and why!

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